Your heart

so true

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My gosh......that's so true.....

Blessing or a Lesson. My daughter is learning this the hard way. Keep your chin up honey! The lesson learned is that a true blessing is in your future and won't turn it's back on you no matter what! You don't need to be the only one who cares and apologizes all the time. Move on!

Well that just put a lot of things into perspective. How beautiful would you be if people were to see you without looking.

...we all appreciate a good listener...

I would like to think that it's a little bit of both.

becoming interested...listen

A great way to handle compliments and handle criticism.

Love with all your heart.

listen to yourself

He will always hold my heart!

listen to your heart

Yes it is true!

Ya my head says to let go of my friendship with certain people but my heart thinks about this person every day and says the same thing over.