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I just got back from two amazing days at Google Campus – training to be a #Techmums trainer. In case you haven’t heard or read about it yet, #Techmums is a new initiative from Dr Sue Black (the mum of 4, computer scientist and self-proclaimed “cheeky geek” who’s become a bit of a household name after saving Bletchley Park from demolition a couple of years ago).

Dare Conference is unique among business conferences in that it focuses on collaborative workplace culture from a digital/ geek standpoint.

Thanks to Jim Zalles of Retail Bench for pointing me to some really interesting research led by Genevieve Bell of Intel, who has found that women are the new lead adopters when it comes to technology. Bell concludes:

I’ve had a nice time over the past few weeks delivering not one but two #techmums programmes. The #techmums course is made up of five modules: Google Apps (Gmail, Google Drive and Google Docs), app design, web design, social media and coding (Python). The ethos and approach is simple: have a go, enjoy yourself, don’t worry if you don’t know everything (none of us do). #training #techmums #socialmedia #python

This was the week Thinking Digital – the North East’s phenomenally well-loved art-meets-geekery conference – finally came to London. And it was quite an entrance. Here's what I learnt...

A couple of weeks ago I got nominated for a Liebster Award. Cue fireworks – although the picture above has nothing at all to do with me receiving the Liebster Award; it’s just a nice one I found going back through my Flickr – which is a good thing to do as a starting point if you ever get asked to list random facts about yourself.

Saw these people gyrating to silent disco when I was at the Science Museum for Google’s second Luvvies & Boffins night (an effort to get creatives and techies together as part of chairman Eric Schmidt’s vision to drive innovation).

I was born and raised in West London so the East was an alien land. Once I traipsed all the way over to the Scala cinema in Kings Cross for a party and walked back to Hammersmith with my sister. Not having Google Maps in those days, we worked our way home by reading the postcodes on street signs (NW = bad, WC = good).

Here is a frame from the animation we've been working on for AAB's new social media arm, AAB Engage. We've some great talent contributing to the film and I'm *very* excited about it. To be screening on YouTube very shortly...!