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god's Not Dead has to be the dumbest piece of Christian propaganda ever made.

And my house can sprout legs and a brain of its own, pick itself up off its foundation and go on a killing spree. Prove it won't.

The point is: The story! What are the stories tellin you, thru ages, eras, cultures, times? The truth is inbetween the lines and YOU are the book! Those who have ears, let them hear! x

Most Jews, Christians, Muslims and Mormons would kill the truth if truth would kill their idolatry.

sad but sometimes true

Considered Child Abuse: If you disobey me again I will take you underground and burn and torture you! Not Considered Child Abuse: If you disobey me again God will take you underground and burn and torture you!

This happened to me a few times... I don't like talking about it because I don't want to offend anyone, so that's why I hated that job. Never said anything about religion myself.

Or change "atheist" to "progressive" and "religion" to "politics" or "human rights"

No thanks.

Watch Yourself because can't you see The Devil Satan is just right behind your back? Try evolution Satan said; and try Atheism, Satan said!

Smart people like Dr MLK? Somehow this face isn't quite fit for sneering, especially regarding the Savior.

Smart people like Dr MLK? But is this prima donna too much of a coward to speak thusly about the stupidities regarding Mohammed?

Also can we address the grammar error in the trump part lol

Rich Tax Dodging Trump blames the Working poor. Not his Slave Wage Jobs or Bankruptcies or Theft of Students + Veterans Funds!

Before you comment do us all a favor and look up the definition of 'unconditional' and accept the fact that this statement is accurate.

AND threatens to send his "loved children" to hell if they don't love him back. Imagine if people did this to their own children -- threatened to throw them in a furnace. They would be in prison for being criminally isane.

Ta dah!

We all try to be tolerant atheists but there are times we need a laugh, even if it is at the expense of theists. Tell us your jokes or show us your pictures ab…