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and her dumb ass parents give me of their income, so basically, you're on your own sport.and I'm late for my appt for my skin lightening.


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If you think your God approves of spending millions on mega-churches while children starve all over the world. You Have Lost Your Fucking Mind.

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Religion Is The Downfall Of Man

If evolution is true, then why are there still monkeys? If the internet puts the totality of human knowledge at your fingertips, then why are there still idiots?

Sadly, I have never thought about this but it's a great question

Atheists seem to spend as much time trying to "disprove" religion as hypocrite religious people spend trying to prove it just like the enlightened "no religion" religion 🤔🤔🤔 I don't care if anyone else believes what I believe or doesn't it's MY BELIEF.

Bible literalists are psychopaths who cherry pick verses to justify their ignorance and hate. The rest of Christendom are enablers.