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Ivan Aivazovsky, The Battle of Chios on 24 June, 1770 (detail), 1848

Italian Battleship, Littorio - one of Italy's most modern WW2 battleships, heavily damaged at Taranto by Fleet Air Arm attack in 1940.

U.S. Navy Recruiting Poster 1941. Enter The Saturday Evening Post "Tribute to Our Troops" contest:

HMS Hood by chris-parker, via Flickr The mighty Hood sent to the bottom by the Bismark from 15 miles away!

Detail view of the massive forward superstructure of the German pocket battleship Admiral Graf Spee

A fine head-on view of the "teeth" of a capital ship.. the forward turrets of HMS Renown. Also shown to good advantage here are the cumbersome triple 4" mounts either side of the forward superstructure.

Battleship Roma sunk by the Germans 9 sept 43 alors qu'il se rendait à Malte pour se rendre..

USS Missouri BB-63 | Now docked permanently as a museum at Pearl Harbor.

Illustrious HMS Illustrious cutting through the water at speed to enable aircraft to land on her deck. This WWII photo( taken in the period 1940-1942) was taken just after a Swordfish had made a landing. The deck crew are taking it to the forward lift.

US New Mexico-class battleship in floating dry sock, World War II Pacific.

WWII: British Spitfire. Unbelievable.

HMS Royal Oak, sunk at her moorings in the Scapa Flow by a german uboat..800 of her crew still remain inside ..