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The Earth’s Oldest Trees - Trembling Giants by Michæl Paukner via ubersuper #Infographic #Trees #Oldest_Trees

The Earth at Night - Nothing demonstrates population and wealth like the warm glow of cheap electricity from space. Also, check out the Russian equivalent of manifest destiny...not quite as comprehensive as the American version, but then California is a lot nicer than Siberia.

una vista al cielo es como mirar a tus ojos y poder contemplar las sinceridad de lo que por tu boca pasa, no es que siempre te crea, es que para poder vivir el creerte se convierte en mi respiración.

*Lindy Point, Blackwater Falls State Park, West Virginia.

The codes for natural evolution are held within humanity’s original 12-stranded DNA and our galactic 64-stranded DNA. These codes carried patterns that would assure that divine beings in earth’s dense body suit could rise beyond the heavy vibrations to return to the realm of their beginnings-ascension/evolution.

Girls. Someone needs to take me. But here's the thing. I don't want to work while I'm there.

The Earth does not belong to us. It was here billions of years before we arrived, and it will still be here billions of years after we're gone.

Peace on Earth Luke2:8-14 (14) Glory to God in the highest, and on earth, peace, good will towards men.