First stop is Ocean Beach for a little yoga sesh with a sunrise.

I also live at a beach town and enjoy the luxury of going to the beach; I always go in the morning or at night time- it is too hot, otherwise- so maybe I could bring in some photos from Juno or Carlin park? There are plenty of opportunities for good shots in Jupiter.

San Francisco

From a purple beach in California to a hard-to-reach Hawaiian hideaway, these are 10 secret American beaches you have to add to your bucket list this year.


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Navagio Beach, Greece

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:) Beaches

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina....loved my time spent here.....great beach !!

Pink sandy beaches in Barbuda

Okinawa, Japan ‎

Maldives - Indian Ocean

I Love the Ocean

Pelican Beach, Belize

Beautiful Beach - Amalfi Coast, Italy

Zenith Beach, Australia

Glass Beach, California

Beach with a lagoon on a inhabited island, Maldives

Grace Bay Beach in Providenciales, Turks and Caicos

La Digue Beach...Seychelles