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Tyler Goodro: Designer & Craftsman, via the Official Pinterest Blog

Terry Irwin: Designer & Educator http://www.patrickbarnaby.com/make-money-online-business-opportunitys/make-money-online/terry-irwin-designer-educator/

@Mike D: Designer & Lover of Maps, via the Official Pinterest Blog

Irvin Lin: photographer, designer & recipe developer http://www.patrickbarnaby.com/make-money-online-business-opportunitys/make-money-online/irvin-lin-photographer-designer-recipe-developer/

Jon Rogers: soccer enthusiast & graphic designer http://www.patrickbarnaby.com/make-money-online-business-opportunitys/make-money-online/jon-rogers-soccer-enthusiast-graphic-designer/

@Dominic Yard: Toy Inventor & Designer , via the Official Pinterest Blog

@Katie Rodgers: Apparel Designer & Fashion Illustrator, via the Official Pinterest Blog

@Owen Goss: Game Designer & Developer, via the Official Pinterest Blog

Try something different in 2015 http://www.patrickbarnaby.com/make-money-online-business-opportunitys/make-money-online/try-something-different-in-2015/

More goodies for the iOS app http://www.patrickbarnaby.com/make-money-online-business-opportunitys/make-money-online/more-goodies-for-the-ios-app/

A new look for the Android app http://www.patrickbarnaby.com/make-money-online-business-opportunitys/make-money-online/a-new-look-for-the-android-app/

Sleek Furniture Pieces by Paco Camús: SHARON

@J E Freidin: Pet Photographer, via the Official Pinterest Blog

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How to use Pinterest to define your style and make decorating choices that last!

Print your own designs on fabric using dye activated by the sun

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Print Pinterest boards?