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School teacher, Mrs (Edith) Brown agrees for the older school girls to assist Cyril's mum, Rachel Blessum, Gladys Cooper & Doris Tanner adapt the old clothes they have been donated by the villagers so that they will fit the evacuees.

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DIY Craft Room Storage Ideas and Craft Room Organization Projects - Repurpose IKEA Cart As Craft Storage - Cool Ideas for Do It Yourself Craft Storage, Craft Room Decor and Organizing Project Ideas - fabric, paper, pens, creative tools, crafts supplies, shelves and sewing notions

35 Cool Craft Room Storage Ideas

This Ikea trolley is SO CUTE and its usable in so many ways! I def want one when I live by myself :)

vintage pin cushions - Needles and pins would go in the large part of the "tomato" - you ran your needle through the little attached tomato, to clean the needle and delay rusting.

Vintage Pincushions, Spool and Sock Darners

How to Make a Regency Poke Bonnet in Ten Steps | Tea in a Teacup

How to Make a Regency Poke Bonnet in Ten Steps