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The Lucky suit was used by Elvis only at two occasions. In Oakland in november 10 1970 and for the L-A concert in november 14 1970. Now in display at Graceland.

THE ALIEN BELT! ELVIS on stage wearing the THUNDERBIRD jumpsuit in November 1972. It's a white jumpsuit wth matching aqua lined cape and kickpleats lined with stones.When THE KING first wore this suit, he didn't wear it with the original belt. Instead, he wore it with a belt that he got as a present from actor Jack Lord. The suit was used with the original belt when ELVIS wore it again in 1973.

{*Elvis & Joe the last concert - June 26,1977 :( Elvis would be gone from us in 6wks from this Photo, RIP Forever Elvis*}

Blue Pinwheel - No pictures nor footage of Elvis wearing this suit has surfaced. It has been on display at Graceland for a long time. Elvis possibly wore this suit during his 1973 January/February engagement, but the suit was never worn on tour. Judging by it's design, it could be considered as an "upgraded" version on the 1971 "Pinwheel's". The belt also has a slight resemblance to the belt Elvis wore with the "Thunderbird" in 1972. It was a gift from the actor Jack Lord.