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Penang Chee Cheong Fun Recipe (Steamed Rice Rolls with Shrimp Paste)

Penang Chee Cheong Fun Recipe (Steamed Rice Rolls with Shrimp Paste) | Easy Asian Recipes at


Muar Chee

Muar Chee recipe - One of the popular sweet snacks found in Penang and other places in Malaysia, muar chee are often sold by roadside stalls or mobile hawkers. The set up is pretty simple: steamed glutinous rice paste and ground peanut mixture in a container. #malaysian


Teochew Steamed Fish

Teochew Steamed Fish. A popular steamed fish recipe with preserved mustard green and tomatoes.

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Shrimp and Avocado Summer Rolls

Shrimp and Avocado Summer Rolls. Listen to The Outdoor Cooking Show Sunday afternoons - PM on KPRC 950 AM in Houston, or via streaming media via the iHeart radio app. If you can't listen live, podcasts are available via iTunes.


Penang Char Hor Fun Recipe (炒河粉)

Penang Char Hor Fun (炒河粉) recipe - If you are a bachelor, perhaps you might want to try my recipe and make this dish for your girlfriend. And while you are at it, make some extras for your future parents-in-law, too! #malaysian


Malaysian Sweet and Sour Eggs Recipe (Eggs Masak Branda/Belanda)

Malaysian Sweet and Sour Eggs Recipe (Eggs Masak Branda/Belanda): A few eggs drenched in the ever-appetizing sweet and sour sauce served with steamed white rice plus dollops of sambal belacan (a Malay style sambal with roasted shrimp paste). #eggs #malaysia

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Penang Fried Rice Noodles

A recipe for Penang Fried Rice Noodles with 13 ingredients, including 1 tablespoons vegetable oil, 1 tablespoon chile paste (sambal oelek), and 2 large eggs


Penang Curry Mee

Penang Curry Mee recipe - There are many variations in Malaysia, with toppings many would consider bizarre: pig’s blood cubes (they taste like tofu except that they are maroon in color), bloody cockles, soaked cuttlefish slices, shrimp, and tofu puffs. I am a firm believer that these ingredients are the souls of Penang curry mee, without them, it’s not quite the same. #curry #malaysian


Wonton Noodles (Malaysian Wantan Mee)

Wonton Noodles w black sauce (Malaysian Wantan Mee) - this is what Anthony Bourdain tasted in Penang! Now you can make it too!