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Ukulele-guitar-bass Umm. Amazing!

Ukulele, guitar & bass - three in one!


Jimi's Nightmare - distorted Electric Guitar sculpture by Los Angeles sculptor Bruce Gray.

30 Impressive and Innovative Guitar Design

30 Impressive and Innovative Guitar Design

The Atom printed guitar: A Les Paul inspired guitar with an internal atom with spinning electrons. The bodies are printed, using Selective Laser Sintering, by Systems in the USA, on an sPro

sushi electric guitar

10 Unique and Weird Guitars - My Guitar Pal

William Eaton - O’ele’n Strings

Magnificent and unusual instrument: William Eaton - O’ele’n Strings

Apolonis Aphrodisia Blog

Gibson Guitar Steampunk Custom Made by

60 Very cool, unique guitars!

Top 60 des guitares au design original, et original ça veut quand même souvent dire moche

Sasquatch Strumming - I agree that some guitars are bizarre, but the Big Foot Guitar surely takes the number one spot. This guitar not only has dirty toenails, but it a.

Brown - musical instrument

Archangels Steampunk Angel Acoustic by Johnny Gore Musicshop

strange looking guitars | ... string fanned fret rosewood harp guitar. That would be perfect

Matsuda harp guitar, this probably makes beautiful music.

Fred Carlson Harp Guitar #Guitar #Instrument #Music

Fred Carlson Harp Guitar ca doit etre geant de jouer avec cet instrument

Manzer Guitars - Sitar Guitar. I would love to take you out on a date !!

Sitar Guitar by Manzer


Ibanez Joe Satriani sig models: Chrome Boy and Crystal Planet

Sweet guitar, faintly reminds me of H.R Giger's work. That fret board needs some oil though

M&M Studios Inc: April 2010 Les Paul Special, artist: Micheal Pucciarelli

146164412560971157 241ee53053771 30 Impressive and Innovative Guitar Design

30 Impressive and Innovative Guitar Design

Folding-Neck Guitar by Voyage-Air

Pikasso, multi-necked guitar by luthier Linda Manzer, experimental musical instrument weird!

Double neck guitars are old hat, so make way for the Pikasso, a 42-sting guitar that was borne out of a challenge to make a guitar with “as many strings as possible.” The guitar has four necks and two sound holes. The Pikasso took two years and over a thousand man hours to build.