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I wonder if you ever picture me walking down the aisle in a wedding dress? Because I've pictured you waiting at the alter in a tux.

Yes, it will not do you any good unless you are ready. Heal first before moving on. Be picky about who wins your heart.

I think this is really smart for every woman. Know yourself. Know what works and what doesn't, first. You might think you know, but you will never know yourself until you spend a significant amount of time on your own. It's a great, big, fun, world out there!

women say this then when you dont they threaten to call the cops or get a restraining order. but all they want is love (eye rolling)

Whatever. You don't know shit and when it bites you in the ass for accusing someone for something they didn't do you will feel like the stupid idiot you already are for being friends with a fruit loop. Push me too hard. My family will stick up for me in more ways then one. Back off