Veganism and the Environment by the numbers

‘최고의 힐링이 업무 성취감?’…직장인들 꼽은 직장생활에서의 힐링 방법 [인포그래픽] #life at work / #Infographic ⓒ 비주얼다이브 무단 복사·전재·재배포 금지

#Milk Infographic

great use of colors to indicate differences in both the text and the images #infographic

Veganism. Animal abuse. See the section about 'Animal welfare.'

Timeline /// Infographic Timeline on Behance

Vegan Protein

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10 INGREDIENT Vegan Meatballs! Tempeh based, healthy, simple and entirely #VEGAN @minimalistbaker

Infographics: Vector Graphs and Elements Vol.2 - Infographics

Veganism debunked - An infographic about the myths concerning Vegans. Produced by Ethical Ocean.

Infographic showing a production timeline for a backpack. I like the use of the visual lead of the timeline but it uses uneven units.

How to Naturally Cleanse Your Body [Infographic]

Chunky Portobella Veggie Burger | 26 Veggie Burgers That Will Make Meat Question Its Very Existence #vegetarian #recipe #vegan #healthy #recipes

Hyundai Card Super Series_ After CITYBREAK 2014 info graphic

How Vegans Save (infographic)

This infographic is very hard to read I don't know what they are trying show.

Ultimate Vegan Baking Cheat Sheet - the vegan "facts" are a little gruesome...but the conversions are great!

The use of 3D in this infographic gives it a very cool and modern feel, and would go great with an automotive feel in my magazine.

Vitamins: health benefits, and foods that contain the vitamins.