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Data, Statistics and Probability

29 question multiple-choice exam63 question open-ended study guide25 question Jeopardy review gameAll three resources are aligned to each other and to the 7th grade common core standards. The study guide and jeopardy review game will prepare students to be successful on the exam.Covers the following topics:Random and unbiased samplesMaking inferences using dataMeasures of center and variance (mean, median, mode, range and mean absolute deviation)Box-and-Whisker plotsProbability modelsSimple…

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Statistics and Probability ~ 7th grade math ~ Unit Exam or Review

This a 29 question exam that is directly aligned to the 7th grade common core standards. This is great for a unit exam, review during this unit, or review before your state test.Topics covered- Probability of simple events, compound independent and dependent events- box-and-whisker- measures of center, range, mean absolute deviation- Random samples and unbiased results- making predictions from experimental or theoretical probability

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Geometry 7th Grade~ Multiple Choice, Short Response, Extended Response

Each 7th grade geometry standard is assessed using multiple choice questions, short response questions and extended response questions. This is a great way to ensure your students have a deep understanding of the 7th grade common core standards. The questions are rigorous and will promote critical thinking skills.


Math Pennants are a fun way to show off student work

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Geometry Unit Exam ~ 7th Grade Common Core Exam

32 question exam. 29 multiple choice and 3 open-response questions. Questions are directly aligned to the 7th grade geometry common core standards. Questions are rigorous and require a deep understanding of the content. Assesses the students' understanding of the following concepts:- Similar figures/Scale drawings and scale factor- Properties of triangles- Area and circumference of a circle- Cross-Sections of 3-dimensional figures- Angle relationships - Interior relationships- Area and…

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