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Took this photo in Florida of a wild alligator with a turtle eating the algae off of the alligator, never seen anything like it before, unfortunately my camera was acting up so it is not the best quality., Como se desarrolla la pasion por las tortugas marinas, bueno un dia cuando crees que el universo es de tal manera y caminas por la playa y te tropiezas con una grande o pequeña y googleas tortugas marinas y te enteras de su vida migratoria, universo tortuga y cuando te das cuenta eres un nuevo tortugologo que acaba de nacer. Bienvenido a casa nuevo tortugologo!! investiga sobre Archie Carr, Peter Pritchard Douglas Robins

Giraffe: Communication, intuition, watchfulness, mobility.The neck is the bridge between the realms, farsightedness to see beyond, expression and communication through body language, family ties. Teaches balance of sky and earth, care in what you say and how you take others opinions. One has strong relationships and inner perceptions. Are you becoming complacent and lose track of your goals? Are you setting your sights ahead for the future?