Duck and chicken compound made with recycled pallets, wire fencing, greenhouse cloth cover, and lumber.

chicken dust bath

5 Reasons to Want Ducks

~Pallets slipped over fence posts. Simply Genius!

covered Chicken feeder hanger by Petit Design Co., via Flickr

How to clip a chicken's wing so it doesn't fly over fences

pallet shed

Duck houses are a thing in europe

Pallet chicken coop. I LOVE this design! What a great way to build inexpensively.

My husband finally had a chance to make our ducks a permanent pond. It has an awesome gravel ramp and a faucet drain to make water changes super easy!

Good reference for keeping chickens and ducks together!

duck house

DIY duck home | They sleep in a pen inside the chicken run at night. My Guineas roost ...

Pallet duck house and run

a 4 stall chicken roosting area.  The 5th stall is an enclosed 2 brooder stall.  The 6th stall is the feeding storage where all of the animal feed is stored If we lived on more than 3 acres and didn't have horses already

For comfort use sand to cover most of the bottom, special pads to help keep water from puddling, steps to get in and out of the pool, and an interior shelter to keep the ducks feeling safe and dry during bad weather and wind.

pallet chicken coop

Pallet Palace This large chicken coop was built using the boards from discarded and deconstructed shipping pallets. Since pallets can so often be found for free, you would not need to spend a fortune to build a setup like this one. Chick Magnets: 10 Irresistible DIY Chicken Coops

Roofed chicken run.

Hoop Coop/Chicken Tractor. You could cover with clear plastic for a greenhouse.