Duck and chicken compound made with recycled pallets, wire fencing, greenhouse cloth cover, and lumber.

Chicken Coop

Fresh Eggs Daily®: Snake in the Duck House! 6 Tips to Repelling Snakes

DIY wire mesh Greenhouse

how to care for ducks in winter

Duck houses are a thing in europe

chicken duck coop pen

Snake - Chicken Predators - How To Protect Your Chickens From Snakes

A-frames for Chicken Run

[compost bin] I really like the design of this composter

Pallet shed #Pallets, #Shed

My husband finally had a chance to make our ducks a permanent pond. It has an awesome gravel ramp and a faucet drain to make water changes super easy!

nice chicken coop- all wire enclosed to be predator proof. Wire roof to keep the hawks out. Wire underground all around to keep "diggers" from going under. Also, provide a solid roof on part of the shelter for sun, rain, winter snow protection

Neat chicken coop in the barn

pallet fence

Handy dandy DIY chicken feeder by Carla's husband at Small+ Friendly. (I so need this, especially because my kids cant go into the chicken pin without chasing them around!)

What I'd like to do. "found both of these playhouses on craigslist for free and got both solid bottom pallets for free. We spray-painted the outer, covered the floor with linoleum flooring, secured the houses to the pallets with "L" brackets, caulked up any spaces that would leak or allow a draft, inserted 2 roosts, covered the windows with chicken wire and cut out part of the door for the ramp."

Everything you need for happy chickens (and lots of eggs)!

Pallet duck house and run

Victory Orangery Greenhouse |

Recycled bottle greenhouse. Beautiful colors!