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♥ Welcome to my Barbie blog! Reblog all you want ♥ ♥ I don't own any of these pictures ♥ ♥ Send me a message if you want me to check out your blog ♥ ♥ There are no pictures of me here! ♥

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Bahahaha!!! Christina Marie T. This one is for you. But aren't you the Thursday chick? Not sure anymore since your status changes day to day. But your still . Keep working girl u might move to place soon

Always in my shadow! Exactly where yo shady, joker ass belongs! And while you're back there you can tongue kiss my shit hole; because everyone already knows you'd give anything to do so.

OOOOHHH yes, this individual, giving you the advice, clearly, knows all. MEGAN FOX IS A BAARRRBIEEE DOOLLL now omgggggg.