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My So Called Life

{Art} 'In, Like, My Humble Opinion' acrylic on canvas by Shannon Bonatakis, April 2009

My So-Called Life: Complete Series

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How The Boiler Room Episode of "My So-Called Life" Caused Your Sexual Awakening

Like Angela, you would wait with a tightness in your chest for him to appear, episode after episode.

How The Boiler Room Episode Of “My So-Called Life” Caused Your Sexual Awakening. - I did love me some Jordan Catalano.

This would be a *really* useful invention. | The 24 Most Important Things We All Learned From "My So-Called Life"

lucylewiscantlose: once again my so called life steals my inner monolgue

(OPEN RP - be the boy) I worry about him so much. Rarely do we speak, but we exchange glances. I've saved him from a few fights with the jocks, and he's kept me from smart-mouthing the teachers a little too much. Other than that, we've had very few encounters. Still I worry. He seems so invisible... to positivity at least. Everything that comes his way seems awful in its own way. Opening his eyes, he looks over at me. We makes eye contact, and I abruptly look away. "Shit," I say.

One of my favorite My So Called Life Quotes ever. He's always closing his eyes like it hurts to look at things. Angela Chase and Jordan Catalano

My SO called life angela chase rayanne graff wall art by

My SO called life angela chase rayanne graff wall art by

Daily Afternoon Randomness (48 Photos)

Daily Afternoon Randomness (48 Photos)