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What Your Favorite New York Restaurant Says About You #refinery29  http://www.refinery29.com/favorite-nyc-restaurants#slide-5  Catch You’re an extroverted Virgo who “fuckin’ loves” prosecco and Olivia Pope. There’s no one better at organizing fun group dinners. (But, if a friend flakes, they're dead to you; loyalty is everything.) The only thing you hate more than a no-show is a hangover, of which you have many. But, you never complain, because you’re pretty much unstoppable — in the ...

What Your Favorite NYC Restaurant Says About You

What Your Favorite New York Restaurant Says About You

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Making a note to visit these 12 places before NYC does away with them :(

12 Endangered Landmarks EVERY New Yorker Needs To See

Making a note to visit these 12 places before NYC does away with them :(

Flatiron Building, NYC

Flatiron Building also known as the Fuller Building.Manhattan, New York. The construction was completed in 1902 and at that time was one of the tallest buildings in the city. The name makes reference to its resemblance to a cast-iron clothes iron.

29 Hidden Parks of NYC

Escape the City at 29 of New York's Awesome Hidden Parks

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Bucket List Travel: #SeizetheKeys in Key West, Florida

Levain Bakery on theUpper West Side Manhattan. A must do when in the city.

LeVain Bakery in NYC – Finer chocolate chip & walnut cookies, cupcakes, cakes and other bakery goods

New York's Hidden Tropical Forest | Atlas Obscura

New York's Hidden Tropical Forest

Discover New York's Hidden Tropical Forest in New York, New York: A miniature rainforest is growing inside of a Midtown Manhattan office building.

Personality Type: You manage to somehow act fancy without putting on airs. You might wear jeans and button-up shirts every day, but they have a crispness to them — as if you walked out of a catalogue. You were voted "Most Likely to Succeed" in high school. Your preferred party position is arriving late and leaving early.Signature Drink: Whiskey, neat. The more expensive, the better. Because everything in life should be straight-up. #refinery29…

What Your Signature Drink Says About You

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