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beach ballerina FOUND HER!!!!! :D BOY...if you see something you just love on here, better pin it RIGHT after your done pinning Then you have that website saved too. Those little boxes catch me every time after a pin.. OR, I go to the website and get lost in it and their links.:p

Ways To Work Out Smarter, Not Harder

Awesome slide show! Great advice for eating right and working out the easy (and correct) way. (don't worry you won't have to do that pose on a balance beam lol)

29 Ways You Know You’re An Ex-Gymnast

It's hilarious how many of these are true. The only thing it needs to add is that once gymnastics is apart of your life you are somehow always involved in the sport. I love coaching and it's always funny introducing my old coaches to my team because they seem to have a heard time wrapping their head around it lol

That's a Wrap — All the Pics Celebs Shared From London & the Olympics

Missy Franklin and Shawn Johnson this made me laugh, but I don't mind being short