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Khumba is a rare "zonkey", born in Mexico, his mother is a zebra, his father an albino donkey - april 2014

llbwwb:Baby Zebra Running (by Stefano.Minella) You have to.

Good Night Zebra

Sunset with a zebra "Good night Zebra ”


3 Zebras Staring at Something.

I want one!!

I want one!!

zebra-migration-at-leroo-la-tau-.jpg (4256×2832)

Although not as famous as the Wildebeest Migration up in East Africa, the zebra migration is a spectacular sight and is unique to this corner of Botswana.

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Two Plains Zebras, one with a rare dark melanistic coloration at Etosha National Park, Namibia.

10 Most Amazing Melanistic Animals

Two Plains Zebras, One iwith a Rare Dark Melanistic Coloration at Etosha National Park, Namibia

boho-ism:        Four Zebras by mdezemery on Flickr.        Can you spot the fourth?

We called you here today.

Yes, it is what you think. Mother went on a safari a few years ago.

Eclyse, The Zorse (Mother is a Horse/Father is a Zebra at Safarie Park Zoo in the city of Schloss Holte-Stukenbrock. Most zebra-horse cross-breeds sport stripes across their entire body, Eclyse only has two such patches on its face and rear.

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zonkey gelding by

Check out this odd couple #OnlyInNambia   stories.namibiatourism.com.na

ZEBRA: " I'd sure love to haves his crazy horns.

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The Grevy's zebra or Imperial zebra lives in Ethiopia, Somalia and Kenya. - photo by Steve Garvie

Leucistic ('golden') zebra foal - photo from Gabriel Peters (Gabeluga), via Photobucket;   Occasionally in the wild, a zebra will be born that is not black and white.  They are not albinos, but are often called "golden zebras" because they have pale tan or golden stripes and light brown (or even blue) eyes.  Unfortunately, their coloring makes them easy targets for predators.  - info from animalfactsencyclopedia  http://www.animalfactsencyclopedia.com/Zebra-facts.html

Photo by Gabriel Peters

baby zebra ^___^

16 Baby Animals To Brighten Your Day

baby zebras are the cutest.