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Studded with semiprecious stones, this crown was found on the head of King Tutankhamun's mummified body and was probably worn by the pharaoh in life.

Mrs Arthur Paget,  later Lady Paget (d 1919) née Mary (Minnie) Stevens as Cleopatra

Tutankhamun en Barcelona / recreación del interior de la tumba

Scythian pectoral from between the 6th & 4th centuries BCE discovered in a tumulus in the Ukraine. The crescent-shaped pectoral has a well-balanced composition which is symmetrical but not rigidly so. The ends of the crescent that come close together are decorated with stylized lion heads holding rings in their mouths; these rings served as clasps. The pectoral is divided into three “tiers” or bands with gold braids framing each “tier.”

Tutankhamun in Barcelona Guardian de la tumba.

A 3D image of Nefertiti done by Sven Geruschkat. Incredible!

line drawings of gems, can be used for making fake wooden or chipboard gems, or even shrinky dinks

Coloring pages for Jackie's go with the hats full of crayons for the kids.

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