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Community Post: Things That You Should Know About Asexuality

Things That You Should Know About Asexuality

Harsh but true for too many men. I'm glad the one who raised me was their polar opposite. #sexism

Gender 102 - trans* identities beyond the binary

The absolute best definition for "Family" that I have ever seen! As the Pointer Sisters say, "We are family!"

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Fuck Yeah, Sex Ed! Want To Know The Difference Between Sexual And Romantic Orientation?

Why does loving and wanting to be with someone have to be such a hassle. When did we even start the title demisexual??? There are so many titles.... just to show your love for another human being. Thats ridiculous, just love.

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No Student Should Have To Deal With Bullies. But For These Kids, It's Especially Tough.

no one should have to deal with that. repost this if you are an LGBT supporter and disapprove of homophobia. ♥

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I'll kick him out

If my kid ever comes out as lesbian, gay, bisexual, pansexual, asexual or transgender I'm going to kick them out of the house... for a few hours while I organise a coming out party!

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21 Insightful Confessions About Bisexuality

21 Insightful Confessions About Bisexuality, Works for Pansexuals too.....

P is for Pansexual "A person who is pansexual may be attracted to people of any birth-assigned sex or gender identity or expression, including those outside the gender binary. They may also be described as 'omnisexual,' and they are sometimes included in the 'bisexual umbrella.' (See bisexual and trans*)" [follow this link to find a short clip and analysis of asexuality and identity politics:]

Hi... i would like to ask you to help us promoting this animation is mocking homophobia laws in Russia and speaks about boycott of olympic games in SOCHI...So if you think that this film standing for right things - PLEASE SUPPORT - SHARE!! Thank you in beforehand... PEACE AND LOVE!!! Cheers.