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    Tard the Grumpy Cat meets Oscar the Grouch | #Tard #GrumpyCat

    • Marianne Castiglia

      True story... My granddaughter was watching sesame Street, and Oscar the grouch (you know, he lives in a garbage can and loves trash) said that he was watching TV and the show he was watching wasn't trashy enough so he had to put on Fox News! He said "Now that's trashy!" hahaha!

    • Sarah Gibbel

      Tard the Grumpy Cat meets Oscar the Grouch | #Tard #GrumpyCat Grumpy Cat, I always liked Oscar too.

    • Dionana Childers

      oscar the grouch poserts seaseme street | oscar_the_grouch_from_sesame_street

    • Akiko Kawabata

      Grumpy Cat & Oscar the Grouch #GrumpyCat #Memes They will make good friends!!

    • Becky Chandler

      Tard the Grumpy Cat meets Oscar the Grouch | 2 of my favorites :) ~B

    • Amy Hasting

      Oscar the Grouch was always my favorite Sesame Street Character!

    • K. Fairbanks

      Tard the Grumpy Cat meets Oscar the Grouch | #Tard #GrumpyCat

    • Alexandra Seabrook

      Who could forget get about this iconic green character?

    • Ellen Buhl

      Grumpy Cat & Oscar the Grouch #GrumpyCat #Memes

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