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Indonesian Shrimp Fried Rice

Indonesian Shrimp Fried Rice #Food #Recipe #Yummy #Meals #Dinner #Chef #Cook #Bake #Culinary

Lemony Scallion Pilaf

Lemony Scallion Pilaf | Taking On Magazines | | This glorious side dish is not only delicious, but easy and elegant to boot.

Garlic Butter Mushroom Risotto

If pasta had a sister, her name would be risotto. Many people think risotto is in fact tiny pasta, but it's not. It's a dish made of arborio rice, which is an Italian short-grain rice that absorbs liquid wonderfully. Traditionally made by gradually

Creamy Thai Sweet Potatoes and Lentils

Chicken and Rice Casserole

My Food That I'm in love with: 18 Interesting Food Decor Ideas AH- the sunflowers are adorable! I have made these and clipping the corner of a Ziploc bag worked great! My icing was a little runny so when I made one I put it on a plate in the freezer.