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A magnificent poster showing the genealogical chart of the Old Testament, including the two lineages of Jesus back to Adam and the 12 tribes of Israel, and a brief chronology from creation to Malachi and much more!

The Prophets of the Old Testament

KIngs Of Judah and Israel with Prophets God sent

Timeline of the Rulers of the Kingdoms of Israel and Judah from Kings 1 and 2,  #Israel  #Judah

When strong kings came with armies, the ancient Israelites begged God for a king. Through the prophet Samuel, God did set up a monarchy. And it looked like this.

Psalm 119

Psalm every 8 verses starts with a new letter going through all the letters of the Hebrew alphabet.

Tiempo para leer la Biblia ...⏳

How Long It Takes to Read Each Book in the New Testament (Infographic)

Who is Jesus Christ?

I love this wheel of prophesy! Jesus is God in the flesh! So thankful to be a one God, Apostolic Christian! Thank God for TRUTH!

Thanks to Julie Roys for sharing this and for her great program.

We need to go back to the spiritual heritage of Reformed Evangelicalism to find the path forward.

Hebrew Calendar: Except for all of the Babylonian month names.  Not all of the months were actually named.  Tammuz, for example.  Look it up.

Hebrew Calendar: Originally called "first month, second month, etc." by the Creator of Months (YHVH), this shows the Babylonian month names.