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If ever we have a house with property, I am so doing this, or at least getting the hubby to do it!

Self-watering planter made from recycled bottles. (I'd want to try this with a 2-liter plastic bottle, and cut the top off, so I could get the root system out intact for transplants.)

The Made in America Holiday Challenge Flyer is now available as a downloadable PDF file you can print and share!

Make a tree from all the old newspapers. Thinking this would be an awesome way to still have a tree and not have to worry about the cats knocking all of the ornaments off :)

Beautiful idea but $32 on etsy + $10 s/h. I know that I can make this for about 2-3 bucks with a piece of barn wood, leftover kids blocks and some hooks. I don't care that much for the black blocks think that I would distress them in their natural colors

DIY Rustic Rug Of Jute Or Sisal Rope. Hot glue the coils. Sew in key spots for durability. Make the smaller pieces first and then attach them together to get a larger rug.

How cool: this light-box is made entirely of reused materials. The glass is recycled antique glass, and the timber frames are made from the flooring of an old school house.

Green 3 Apparel Organic Peacock Shirt Made in USA. @usalovelist