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one day I may have a daughter, and she will have a photograph taken like this!

So cute... would love to do this with child #2 someday.. you know.. when there is one.

I love this! Crazy mommy kisses! Do for dad for Valentines Day (since we don't really celebrate it this is a cute little idea)

How cute would this be for a nursery?? Custom Baby Boy Subway Art Font 1 I love it!!

Jane April 22, 2012  Mamiya RZ67II With bow.

Don't know if my dog would lay down for this, but I bet there'd be a lot of pictures of her licking the baby.

gorgeous...this will hopefully be what my future daughter will look like...white blonde hair and blue eyes :)

Don't just look....Touch. I encouraged my little ones to touch things and be gentle and when my daughter would see something pretty and breakable, she would look at me and say, "Momma, that's "delikitten", instead of delicate. 1 of the memories I will always treasure! -- such a beautiful picture

Teresa February 16, 2012 Leica M9 Natural light.

Little cutie - Mongolia ~ 1 in 200 people in Mongolia and Central Asia have blond hair, a gene that goes back 3000 years to the Scythians and other Eurasian Indo-European people's of ancient Central Asia.