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type in ur height & size too see photos of real women that look like u

If Barbie was an actual woman, she would be 5’9” tall, have a 39” bust, an 18” waist, 33” hips and a size 3 shoe. • Barbie calls this a “full figure” and likes her weight at 110 lbs. • At 5’9” tall and weighing 110 lbs, Barbie would have a BMI of 16.24 and fit the weight criteria for anorexia. She likely would not menstruate. • If Barbie was a real woman, she’d have to walk on all fours due to her proportions.

This tells you your body type AND what types of workouts are better for you AND what types of foods you should be eating!

So true! Beauty and confidence for real women!

Bodyrock.tv - at home workout videos.... I keep forgetting to pin this when I see it.

Treating Shin Splints.

What woman doesn't want a better butt!

Shrink a Size in 14 Days This revolutionary, science-backed workout is reader tested and can help you shed up to 12 pounds and 22 inches in just 2 weeks.

This website is AMAZING. You don't need to pay for P90X, Insanity...etc. It incorporates every type of workout imaginable. Its completely FREE and you don't need any equipment but your own body and drive!! ENJOY!!!

Muffintop-less is the most motivating blog with AMAZING workout tips for women. She explains why you might not be seeing results, how to change up your routine, and fallacies about using light weights and more! ♥

Printable Workout Guides to Take to the Gym | Women's Health Magazine

3 sets of wall holds for as long as you can this works out what most women call "the pouch" or your lower abdominals

Penche -- Works the entire lower body; builds balance and stability. -- With feet and thighs turned out ballerina-style, hinge forward to a flat back and lightly grasp the seat of a chair. Look at the floor to keep the neck long. Lift the right leg straight out behind you, hips open, until it reaches hip height. Then lift as high as you can and lower back to hip height. Repeat 10 to 20 times.

Here are a ton of great reminders and links to very informational articles! Fitness Habits You Should Establish in Your Twenties | Women's Health Magazine

What a cool website! You type in your body weight, height and clothing size to find pictures of other women that are the same size as you. Gives you a better idea of what your body looks like since sometime we have a skewed perception of our own body image!

This website helps women see themselves more clearly. Type in your height and weight to see other bodies like yours.

Best workout for your body type. And an eating plan. This is awesome information! :D

Step 1 Cut back on your bad eating habits. Give up the fried foods, processed meats, refined baked goods and sweets. Eat nothing but fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, lean meats, fish, whole grains, beans and low-fat dairy products. Keep your portion sizes under control as well. Step 2 Partake in cardiovascular training to burn the fat in your lower belly, as well as the rest of your body. Do any type of cardio that causes you to sweat and raises your heart rate, such as running, spinning,...

Cool site on Women's Health that let's you pick your body type: pear, straight, curvy or athletic and gives you the fitness and meal plans for your body type Day by day!!

Healthy eating + exercising 1 hour a day, 6 days a week. Nothing crazy. No extreme diets. No hours spent in the gym daily. @Anna Trujillo