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mens fashion | ideas on Blue Collar Worker. #menswear #lookfortheday #fashion

nice combo, corduroy vest. You can wear this with faded jeans like here or even dress pants

Love it all but that jacket in particular looks great.

Nice layering and hair. | More outfits like this on the Stylekick app! Download at

mrcee: I like what he’s wearing. But I love his hair, that’s how I want my hair to be. cool, is that a towel

Cold weather essential: The vest.

Great classic men's look. Dark denim, patterned shirt and blazer. [Brand information not provided by source]

Oh, hi. When I first saw you, I thought to myself, well aren't you just the cutest homeless person ever. But then I noticed your Raybans, and decided that you're just going for the shabby-chic look. Unless... are you on Groupon?