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So cute ... and I love how that horse is looking at the little boy. Very sweet! :) Military Honor~

Lipizzans are from Spain and are world famous for their dressage performances. They were bred for centuries as carriage horses for royals. Gen. Patton was assigned to protect them in WWII. They were bred in Croatia (Lippica). They were hidden from various invasions, including Napolean's. They are born dark bay or black. From 6-10 years, they've completed the "greying process" and remain white.

Jim Koford and Rhett – A USA Dressage Dream Team ♥ I absolutely love and adore these two. Rhett is the first ever Kentucky bred horse to be named to the high performance Dressage Team and is on the road with his partner Jim Koford to make a bid for the 2012 Olympic Team. I wish the best for these two!

I'll Have Another, winner of both the 2012 Kentucky Derby & 2012 Preakness, shows a little sass in the barn.

I close my eyes to rest from the load of my reality and become a tall majestic beast. A wild horse running rapidly by the sea. Running, sea breeze blowing, waves crashing sun setting, I am now home. Ivet H. P.

How's my hair cut ?? Lol beautiful horse !! :) ♡