▶ Art with Mati and Dada - Full Episode - Jackson Pollock - YouTube

▶ Art with Mati and Dada - Full Episode - Vincent Van Gogh - YouTube. The cutest episodes about artists!

Pop Art/Andy Warhol for kids


Jackson Pollock

art terms in action - tint, shade, tone

How art can help you analyze - Amy E. Herman

Principles of Art Movie

1:10-5:00 Jackson Pollock for kids. Super cute for kinders to see him work in a G rated film!

No. 14: Gray by Jackson Pollock Framed Painting Print

A poster I made to visually teach some art vocabulary - http://johnpost.us/

Art History in a Hurry - Mona Lisa ... 2 minutes of history on why Mona Lisa is so famous.

The Mathematical Art Of M.C. Escher - YouTube

The Garden, Joan Miro, Animated Painting art education videos youtube elementary

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What is Abstract Art?

How Art Can Lift The Spirit (WATCH)

Art with Mati and Dada Matisse

What is Art?

What good is art anyway?

Elements of Art: Line | KQED Arts (3:25)