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A bad trip to Mexico in Super Stereo Sound!

Further, Ken Kesey and the Merry Pranksters

trip in the woods...

Milton Glaser 1967 | Take a trip to Lotus Land

The Big Sound of Johnny and the Hurricanes (1962)

Albert Hoffman's "bicycle day"

1968-Neil-Young-rare-vintage-psychedelic-stereo-lp-vinyl-record-album-cover-art by retrorebirth, via Flickr

rare-vintage-psychedelic-stereo-lp-vinyl-record-album-cover-art-assn-bday by retrorebirth, via Flickr

A Tree of Night and Other Stories • by: Truman Capote

massive! ♥ vinyl

Psychedelic Flyers Documenting Detroit’s 1960s Music Scene

Grande Ballroom Detroit 1967

Steppenwolf, MC5 Grande Ballroom Detroit 1969

1968-Five_Day_Week_Straw_People-rare-vintage-psychedelic-stereo-lp-vinyl-record-album-cover-art by retrorebirth, via Flickr

13th Floor Elevators - The Psychedelic Sounds of the 13th Floor Elevators LP

Grande Ballroom Detroit 1967

Greil Marcus (editor), Rock and Roll Will Stand (1969)

grande ballroom : detroit : usa : 1967/68

This concert postcard is from 12-15/16/17-67. at the grande ballroom..The bands performing were, DECEMBER 15/FRIDAY..1967. --The Vanilla Fu...

Procol Harum - Procol Harum (1967), The original Deram Records release of the LP included a large poster of the album cover artwork by Dickinson. Though the album was recorded on multitrack, it was issued as mono-only in the UK, and in mono and rechannelled stereo in the US. Despite extensive searching, the original multitrack tapes have not been located and thus a stereo mix of the original ten tracks may never be possible. A cut from the LP "Conquistador" peaked at #16 on the charts.

Flat Earth Society - Waleeco (1968) Flat Earth Society's Waleeco is a mid-level psychedelic organ-and-guitar-driven rock record, with a more focused sense of song construction than many such efforts in the late '60s, although the results aren't all that special. A highlight is "Shadows," which sounds like a super tough variation on the Association.