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“My father was immensely proud of this ink holder that his boss had gifted to him for his good performance. He use to often use it to write letters and notes. He was so attached to it that he used to keep it safely in his almirah. He often said that once he retired, I could use it. Then the partition happened and we had to move to Pakistan overnight. My father could not find the keys to the almirah. He was so upset. Today, when I think about the partition, I wish I could get that ink holder…

One of the earliest memories of my childhood is of my mother sitting in the verandah of our house in Amritsar with an old sewing machine. Though she had no formal education, she was nonetheless astute and nimble with her fingers. She had created many wonderful pieces of art, many of which I have carefully treasured. But one thing she regretted deeply was the decision to leave her old sewing machine behind. Wonder what happened to the machine which created so many beautiful pieces of art.

Time has come to get reunited with the belongings that you or someone you know had to leave behind during the Partition. Share your ‪#‎TimelessStories‬ in the comments section below if you have a strong urge to get them back.

Sixty-eight years have passed since the Partition but for most of our grandparents the regret of leaving behind things in 1947 is still as fresh as ever. Share ‪#‎TimelessStories‬ of those items with us for a chance to reunite your grandparents with those precious memories!

The desire to be united with things that we have left behind is beyond words. For the families displaced during the Partition, the wait seems never ending. Share ‪#‎TimelessStories‬ of those lost belongings to join our initiative to reunite people with their forgotten memories

We tend to bond with the things we own. They evoke emotions and flood our minds with fond memories of the people who gifted them to us. In 1947, millions had to sever that bond when they left the things they loved behind. But the time has come to unite with them again. Share ‪#‎TimelessStories‬ of those lost belongings to join our initiative to reunite people with their forgotten memories.

If you want to add your little contribution in reuniting someone with their lost belongings from the Partition, list the items from that era here on OLX using ‪#‎Daastaan‬.

1947 witnessed many memories that were left behind. So if you know anyone whose belongings did not make it across the border, then please share their stories and memories of the same using ‪#‎TimelessStories‬ in the comment section below.

The partition was bittersweet. While independence was won, many prized possessions had to be abandoned. So if you know anyone who left behind any of their cherished belongings, then write to us and share their memories with us, along with ‪#‎TimelessStories‬

Become a part of ‪#‎Daastaan‬ by sharing your grandparents' ‪#‎TimelessStories‬ of the items they left behind in 1947 in the comment section below!