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Boba Fett

Boba Fett - Star Wars, he was the best bounty hunter ever! not to mention he never used a lightsaber but yet he defeated so many jedi and sith.

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(Kay-Tuesso), abbreviated (Kay-Tu or Kaytoo) or Kay, was a KX-series security droid.

Star Wars - Jedi Artwork

This is a commission I did for Naglareph, it's showing his Star Wars OC Neph Fenri in Coruscant. It seems that the poor Thugs didn't know they were atta.

he should not have lightsabers he was not taught how to wield lightsabers till after he was turned into a cyborg and he never had red blades

General Grievous could have been one of the greatest villains in Star Wars movies if they just listened to the comics and original Clone Wars cartoon. Same goes for Ventress.

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Star Wars: The Old Republic Volume 2 - Threat of Peace (Star Wars: The Old Republic (Quality Paper)) Rob Chestney, Alex Sanchez, Michael Ativeh, Benjamin Carre


Female Jedi Warrior This was always my biggest dream. To be a kick butt Jedi chic!

This is a piece I submitted to Lucas Film's Star Wars: Clone Wars competition a…

A Young Kreia in deserts of Tatooine demonstrating her telekinesis powers. Art by NjaY #starwars

Darth Traya: Who wants to settle for just one lightsaber when the force gives you infinite arms - Jedi by Njay * (my note: I lived in a school of swordsmanship for more than three years.