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Lilacs In Lilac Vase By Carol Cavalaris Lilac bouquet You bring All the feelings And sweet joy Of new love Blossoming on a spring day I want you to bloom forever And never go away. Lilacs In Lilac Vase prose by Carol Cavalaris ©

Yellow Poppies In poppy Vase By Carol Cavalaris Yellow Poppies Your bright full blooms A glowing symbol of abundance and success And for those who suffer a broken hert Your beauty is a loving warm caress. Yellow Poppies prose by Carol Cavalaris ©

МОИ РАМОЧКИ | Записи в рубрике МОИ РАМОЧКИ | Счастье - это не жизнь без забот и печалей,счастье- это состояние души! Galka : LiveInternet - ...