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Aman seni sevende sevmesini bilmemiş, cok aglamıssında gözyaşını silmemiş :)

The Enchanted Cove

Lavendertail, she cat, 13 moons old. She is a little feisty, sassy, bold, resourceful, and trustworthy. She sometimes gossips with the other cats and knows just about everything that goes on and is usually one of the first to know. No mate or kits.(me)

Beautiful! I used to do something similar to my Cats photos when I had Photoshop on 30 day trial : p

Allergies to cats are so prevalent and severe that they’ve been suggested as one of the factors in the increase in asthma. Dr. Marty Becker shows you tips and tricks for reducing allergy triggers, so you and your cat can live happily together.

Hiya im Marshpaw! I'm an apprentice in Mistclan! I can't wait to be a warrior. My friends describe me as fun, energetc, silly, and outgoing. I'm 12 in cat years! Bye! (Featherclan) {me}