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Patient Safeguards Needed for Biosimilar Development

A big question we often get -- SUIT or SCRUBS to a medical/healthcare field job interview? Read this article for the answer (hint-- it's not going to hurt to overdress)

5 A DAY portion sizes - Live Well - NHS Choices

Money-saving tips to get 5 A Day portions of fruit and vegetables, including buying seasonal fruit and veg, and cooking meals from scratch.

Everybody should have an Elevator Speech, a 5 - 10 second one liner, that either describes you, the job you do or the job you are after & finally why someone should employee you. My personal rule is aim for 5 words but 10 max.

How to create an elevator pitch and an example of an elevator pitch

"How to create an elevator pitch" Hey you guess check is website if you are having a hard time with the Personal pitch. - xoxo M


This page provides several links to publications available from the Social Security Administration.

Chronic Inflammation - Twenty Tips  Chronic inflammation may be caused by a handful of diseases and conditions, including: asthma, rheumatoid arthritis, tuberculosis, and more. Environmental and lifestyle factors, such as excess weight, poor diet, stress, and lack of exercise, can also cause chronic inflammation. Try these twenty tips to reduce and prevent chronic inflammation…

chronic inflammation - twenty tips: chronic inflammation can cause daily ailments, which may interfere with your daily routine. Try these twenty tips.

Peripheral Neuropathy - This what a dying nerve looks like.

Diabetic neuropathy foot pain relief diabetic neuropathy pain,diabetic peripheral neuropathy treatment medications exercises for foot neuropathy,how to treat neuropathy in feet medication for neuropathy in legs.

Stress may be linked to Alzheimer's:Scientists have discovered that the increased release of stress hormones in rats leads to the generation of abnormally phosphorylated tau protein in the brain and ultimately, memory loss.(So I'll just get rid of all the stress in my life--hahahahahaha!)

Scientists have found a new way to deliver drugs directly to the brain, raising hopes of more effective treatments for Alzheimer’s disease sufferers.

Job interviews can be extremely stressful, but don't sweat it! Check out these helpful tips and contact our office to schedule a mock interview. Preparedness and confidence is key in landing your dream job!

Anatomy of a Job Interview - This infographic breaks down everything you need to know when it comes to grabbing the job you want. The Do's and Don'ts of the interview plus things you can do to impress your future employer.

Lyme carditis is potentially lethal manifestation of Lyme disease.What exactly is it, why does it happen, and how does it cause disease?

Heart Contractions Simplified - Interactive Biology, with Leslie Samuel

Normal Chest Xray PA View ◬

An X-ray explained. Where was this when I was learning how to take chest X-rays?

How to Find Your Dream Job (When You Don’t Know What You Want)

How to Find Your Dream Job (When You Don’t Know What You Want)

12 easy things you can do to prevent memory loss. Share this with the caregivers you know. #GoodSamaritanSociety #caregiving

12 easy things you can do to prevent memory loss. (Don't know the weight of evidence behind the suggestions, but these activities are likely to stretch our learning and memory "muscles.