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    The sentiment- no so much the design: History of Visual Communication



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    Visual Communication is an essential tool in a business’s brand identity toolkit. It is all of the graphics that supplement a logo, forming the graphic “face” of a business and anchoring a brand identity. A logo is the “boss” of a brand, and the Visual Communication elements are its “employees”; in many design applications a logo won’t appear by itself. It will have the help of other visual elements to accomplish its job of communicating and connecting with a target market.

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    Visual Communication - Imagine a universal visual language, perhaps an image and a single word so that on receipt of a letter instantly you know why you have received the letter and if it requires any action. Simple communication like this would help the recipient of the letter and the sender would also see greater responses. The mind map above shows a few basic ideas – I am sure that more companies could incorporate a few simple visual cues; many already do so and it is refreshing to see.

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