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JENNY HOLZER: PROTECT PROTECT unites political bravura with visual sensitivity and beauty, centering on Holzer’s work since the 1990s. The exhibition is not a conventional survey; it offers several distinct but related bodies of work in a range of media in which Holzer has worked in recent years. These include major new works using LED technology, sculpture, light projection pieces, and groupings of new paintings of government documents made available through the Freedom of Information Act.

WORDS AS TALL AS BUILDINGS: artist Jenny Holzer projects her “truisms” onto surfaces as disparate as corporate headquarters and natural lakes, amplifying the words and making them virtually unavoidable. Holzer is a social justice-minded artist. In a world dominated by advertising slogans and corporate-controlled media, she uses the “billboard” approach to provoke thought. She’s used everything from poetry to declassified military documents in her site-specific works.

MONEY CREATES TASTE [2007] is a work that questions consumerist impulses. In this object—a spoon for eating—Holzer inscribes the title on the curving part of the spoon, a word play that is representative of her famous pithy social judgments. .75" x 6.25" x 1.75" Edition of 100 [$1500] Description: International silver 1810 cream soup spoon, sterling silver. Marked and numbered by the artist and includes a Certificate of Authenticity.

Her recent works include I Was in Baghdad Ochre Fade (2007), a series of oil on linen transcriptions of torture documents from the Iraq War; Redaction Paintings (2009), which were created using recently released classified memos with texts blacked out by censors; and an installation in the lobby of 7 World Trade Center. In 1990, she was the first woman to represent the United States at the Venice Biennale, where she won the Golden Lion for the best artist.