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I Love Pretty Things Wall Decor

Buy your I Love Pretty Things - Navy Vintage Wood Sign here. Who doesn't love pretty things and clever words? The I Love Pretty Things Navy Vintage Wood Sign is both of these! This

This... this is SO true! I don't have *everything*, but my life is great! x

I'm not perfect, I accept that.no one around me is perfect.but my life can still be perfect!

Vision Boards: Christina Crowe, Toronto Mom, Shares Her Family's Dreams (PHOTOS)

A Simple Way To Make Your Dreams More Concrete (PHOTOS)

Today is a good day to register for fall classes! A good day to wish a friend happy birthday. A good day to print pictures and make new scrapbook pages. Today is a good day to thank God for His gift of another good day.

We love treasure trove thrifting because  we find new homes for old things and continue to create our own down home mojo that reflects who we are, what we love and it writes and re-writes our history and biolgraphy with our inner/outdoor spaces.

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Ahhh, Target.  Since I can't get to the beach, I wander your aisles in search of inner peace...  ;)

How to make a glitter t-shirt

I pin purple because,it makes me happy.Güzel renk.

145+ Fabulous Designer Living Rooms

I pin because it makes me happy! Regardless of what there about I'm happy! I may be blowing off steam but I'm happy!

Sad, but so true!

In my closet.story of my life! i have been shopping all my life and still have nothing to wear Fashion Quotes

Wow....I sure wish I had foubd this saying about 20 yrs ago! Geez!

this should say "too" clean of a house is the sign of a wasted life. I guess living in total squalor would be a pretty wasted life too.

"If you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need."
--Marcus Tullius Cicero

Typography Inspirational Quote Print - garden, digital art print, reading, library - The Sweet Life

home is where....

I should paint this on a big pallet of wood and hang it in my living room with our hand marks on it.

talking brain...shhhhh

I want to sleep but my brain won't stop talking to itself.story of my life.