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Bobble coral shrimp by amirst1, via Flickr

jenny huang. coral grouper

Crinoid Shrimp featherstar shrimp Periclimenes amboinensis

Spotted Cleaner Shrimp


RAINBOW MANTIS SHRIMP (Pseudosquilla ciliata) guarding her eggs

Emperor Shrimp

Mantis Shrimp - "Their eyes (both mounted on mobile stalks and constantly moving about independently of each other) are similarly variably coloured and are considered to be the most complex eyes in the animal kingdom."

Cleaner Shrimp for Hire by laszlo

~Cream & Sugar Cottage~


Harlequin shrimp

Emperor Shrimps (Periclimenes imperator)

"Dark Lord Mantis" by Dermal Denticles (James van den Broek), via Flickr - Mantis Shrimp

Reef fish

Things in the ocean

Soft Coral Crab

Blue sea turtle in a coral tub! By Ken Thongpila

3 Gallon shrimp bowl via The Planted Tank

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