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    Bobble coral shrimp by amirst1, via Flickr

    Phishy Business Seahorse Tank

    transparent shrimp

    Emerald Green Shrimp - (www.eliteinverts....)

    Mantis Shrimp - "Their eyes (both mounted on mobile stalks and constantly moving about independently of each other) are similarly variably coloured and are considered to be the most complex eyes in the animal kingdom."

    Spotted Cleaner Shrimp

    The spotted cleaner shrimp, photographed off the island of Bonaire in the Dutch Antilles, live in sea anemones. As opposed to many other “cleaning” species, these shrimp don't go in search of a meal, but remain all but stationary when hungry. It sways its body and shakes its antennae to attract fish, from which it is able to collect a meal of dead tissue, algae, and parasites. In one of natures more perfect symbiotic relationships, the fish receives a cleaning while the shrimp earns a meal. ♥

    Emperor Shrimp on Nudibranch ;)

    Hermit Crab, hiding in coral.

    Sea squirts. Huur ons huis op Bali € 1495,- per week aan het strand met personeel bij een van de mooiste duikplekken van Bali Menjangan Island

    jasmine coral

    Harlequin shrimp

    Seahorse and Coral

    sea+plants | plant-like sea animal. : Grows on You

    jenny huang. coral grouper

    This is a tardigrade aka Water Bear. It is the most extreme extremophile discovered to date. It can survive temperatures of -459F to 304F, can withstand 1000 times more radiation than any other known creature, can be re-hydrated after 10 years without water and can survive the vacuum of space.

    Soft Coral Crab

    Too cute

    RAINBOW MANTIS SHRIMP (Pseudosquilla ciliata) guarding her eggs

    Trapezia Rufopunctata, Female

    Coral Reef Rainbow Zoanthids