I so need this!!

Amy Pond Nail Polish, created by companionclothes on Polyvore

Doctor Who

ha! about right... #DoctorWho

Whovian nail art

A TARDIS terrarium with Weeping Angels

Haha! Love it! :) #doctorwho


Doctor Who bookmark buddies

Tardis, Doctor Who Quote the episode the Doctor said it in made me cry😭

Tardis Blue Dr. Who Amy Pond Nail Polish on Etsy, $6.00. WANT!!

Such a little fanboy! (Um, where can I buy one? And by that I mean the real one.)


Doctor Who

This is one outfit i would wear lol

Why are there two bottles on one side, and one lonely TARDIS blue bottle on the other side? There’s room for a fourth bottle there. (I laughed after the split second it took me to get that) << me too. LOL. << That took me a sec to understand... XD<<Thats good but why are we ignoring the perfect ginger

My wallet is silently weeping. Pin for later buying purposes!

I hope I get to do something like this.

Doctor Peanuts #DoctorWho #peanuts

Why are there so many beautiful shirts out there, and not enough money to buy them, as well as not enough space in my closet?

Weeping Angel Barbies