I so need this!!

Amy Pond Nail Polish, created by companionclothes on Polyvore

ha! about right... #DoctorWho

Haha! Love it! :) #doctorwho

Whovian nail art

A TARDIS terrarium with Weeping Angels

Oh. My. WORD. this cannot be unseen, time can not be rewritten!

Tardis Blue Dr. Who Amy Pond Nail Polish on Etsy, $6.00. WANT!!

Doctor Who bookmark buddies

Doctor Who

#geek - #gadgets ThinkGeek :: Doctor Who TARDIS Jewelry Box - @ www.AmericasMall.com/thinkgeek-gadgets

Why are there two bottles on one side, and one lonely TARDIS blue bottle on the other side? There’s room for a fourth bottle there. (I laughed after the split second it took me to get that) << me too. LOL. << That took me a sec to understand... XD<<Thats good but why are we ignoring the perfect ginger

This is one outfit i would wear lol

Is willy Wonka the final incarnation of The Doctor? #dw #doctorwho

Doctor Who nails. AWESOME!!

Doctor Who. Oh course it's real. Everyone is a time lord. But the daleks stole our watches and destroyed them. Only few know the truth so they made doctor who.

All the time!!

LEGO TARDIS - Doctor Who I will totally buy one of these of they actually come out with it!!!

Amy Pond's Nails: Glad someone other than me noticed her nail polish. Wondered what colors they were because they were all fabulous. Saving for reasons.

Doctor Who TARDIS Projection Alarm Clock. Plays the TARDIS noise when the alarm goes off. OMG YES!!!

The 10th can open the TARDIS by snapping his fingers, while the 11th can't even find the door. #doctor #who