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    Temptation : lazy , ignorance ... Giving into ones desires..... Holding ones self back , Stagnent .... Unable to move forward...

    Sell your Soul to the devil. With the option to sell your sister's soul



    Mary Gibbs is a self-taught artist with a life-long interest in art. Her watercolors are uniquely realistic, using bright colors to catch the viewer's eye, from vivid foliage and floral, to architecture and domestic cats.

    the devil within by *molee on deviantART

    Made for Each Other! Monster Valentine

    Zombie Pinup!

    Creepy doll

    Illustration/Painting/Drawing inspiration

    the hut of baba yaga Suddenly the ground began to tremble. Rabbits scurried under bushes and birds flew to the sky to hide in the clouds. Marusia put her ear to the ground. She heard a fearful thumping sound. Marusia remembered what her mother had said: "Never enter the forest of the far side of the village, for that is the forest of Baba Yaga!" -----Ernest Small


    Classic Tarot -15 The Devil

    "Who’s Afraid?" by Al Buell c. 1940;s


    Skeleton love!

    Wednesday Addams--she's creepy and she's kooky..

    the devil

    1942, The Devil's Harvest

    It's art . . . but only art until you have to get up and go home! - - - Amazing body art. = = =