• Connie Lehman

    "They slept until the black raven, the blithe hearted proclaimed the joy of heaven" - Beowulf Ravens are the most intelligent of all avian species. The Raven symbolizes the void - the mystery of that which is not yet formed. In Native American tradition, Raven is the guardian of both ceremonial magic and healing circles. This pair...

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Kissing owls :)

Ural owl: Found in Europe and northern Asia


a nest of bluebirds

It is said that ravens were once white, to see a white raven now, is to see beyond the veil, into the past...in a time before Thought and Memory could whisper of all things, both in the world and in our very minds...


Blue Footed Booby

A murmuration of starlings


family portrait of a Rose Ringed Parrot | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

javier morón

Murder by Godmachine

'Rook' woodcut by Ian MacCulloch

Eurasian Hooded Crow


Tree, Tony Demuro

Gruccione. bee eater . . . eating a bee.


peruvian striped owl

Owl Chat

Building a nest

Wading Birds Forage In Colorful Sunset Photograph by George Grall - Wading Birds Forage In Colorful Sunset Fine Art Prints and Posters for Sale