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  • Anya Gray

    draft horse, bay, check

  • Lisa Smith

    equine-hourglass: Polish Draft Horse (c) Gosia Makosa Equine Art Photography

  • Czarina Flo

    Sztumski, Polish Coldblood Horse, stallion Dryl. A regional breed of Poland, it was developed from native horses and various imported draft breeds, especially Brabant. photo: Gosia Mąkosa Equine Art Photography.

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Beautiful. LOVE LOVE LOVE this!! What a lovely eye. Dramatic photography, when my photographs look as good as this I will be happy

Draft Horse by Leah Simonek Photography, via Flickr

Draft Horses- these white ones remind me of Mom's other team Rosie n Nosie?

The abuse of a draft horse.. these horses have to go there soo much being blinded from blinders, being terrified of what pain they will get from the whip or horrid bit, some have to pull loads heavier that they are, some have horrible fitting harnesses that rub soo much it the skin opens up then it is rubbing on muscle can you imagine what happens after that, these horses get their tail cut off soo short they can't shoo away flies, and more

I just don't get how such a huge animal could let us tame and control such graceful power?

Draft horse ~ I came home from work a year ago and found two of these in my yard, as well as the owner trying to catch them. They are very, very, large!

Imperiets Lasso by tingeliM, via Flickr

But we ought to consider the natural form and shape of a horse, that we may work him according to nature. ~William Cavendish