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cashin the big chex and andrea fappani!!!!!

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Reining. Andrea Fappani.

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Big Chex To Cash- Silver Spurs Equine Love that face...

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Andrea Fappani and Big Chex to Cash!!!!!!!

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Fuzzy feet and a big eye peeping out! This Shire horse has sweet lips! HeavyHorse4 by Taz-Voll, via Flickr

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Andrea Fappani rides Big Chex To Cash

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Photo by Blue eYes Art

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Horse. I think they have some of the most beautiful eyes of any animal on earth.

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Andrea Fappani

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Amazing, @adaranelson you say you can get lost in a horses eyes? Try looking into these!!! :)

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Sweet brown eyes

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Icelandic horse by Rob Kroenert. Her right eye was a normal brown color but her left eye was a striking light blue.