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    Joss Whedon. Don't care if I've posted this before. It deserves to be the cover art for my nerd board!

    Earth’s Mightiest Heroes

    Buffy Summers....Oh that Joss Whedon ♥

    "I love these shows because they are clever. If I wanted my brain cells to die off I would watch MTV."

    Love Joss Whedon!

    No power in the 'verse. - The Ladies of his shows are one of the many reasons Joss Whedon is so awesome

    Thank you Joss Whedon

    Joss Whedon & Steven Moffat

    Like a Joss.

    Joss Mofo Whedon

    Six degrees of Joss -- basically, if it's good, it's written by people that Joss has worked with.

    "That's beautiful . . . or taken literally, incredibly gross."

    Oh, Joss.

    Joss Whedon on the title

    Firefly and Dollhouse were examples of Whedon being ahead of his audience.

    This Disney version of Joss Whedon's Firefly is incredible and it's a thing that needs to happen.

    Joss on Buffy being a hero.

    amen! // Joss Whedon and Nathan Fillion; they do efficiency right.

    Contrary to Popular Belief. It's true; watch the Avengers commentary. -- WATCH. THE. TV. SHOW. AGENTS OF SHIELD! Spoiler......................... He faked his death..

    How true