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10 Geological Wonders you didn’t know

A red-rock stunner on the border of Arizona and Utah, The Wave is made of 190-million-year-old sand dunes that have turned to rock. This little-known formation is accessible only on foot via a three-mile hike and highly regulated.

Een zonnige dag prettige energie een lichte energie Je voelt je licht en afgestemd. Kriebels in je buik en handen. Het verlangen om te schilderen, je neemt je schildersezel, verf en canvas mee naar buiten. Je ziet jezelf de verf kiezen en voelt de verf op je vinger, fris en lopend. Langzaam beweeg je je vinger op het canvas, je voelt de stof onder je vinger. De wind streelt je door je haren.. de zon schittert . Je laat je leiden door jouw gevoel.

Snow had built up on the windshield while she was stopped. So while her wipers were excellent, she didn’t see the big buck standing in the middle of the road until she was almost on top of him. She had just enough time to think, Oh god, he’s magnificent, before instinct kicked in. She turned the wheel sharply to the right and left the road.

So I still haven’t seen the new Mad Max yet (in my country it hits cinemas this Friday), but it didn’t stop me from doing some fan art of Charlize and her intense gaze :) If the movie turns out as awesome as I hope, this probably not the last MM painting I did.

5 Favorite Verses to Teach Your Preteen Daughter

When I'm unsure of my parenting, I turn to scripture to guide me. These 5 favorite verses have made such a difference for me and for my daughter!

I Didn’t Quit my Job to Travel, I Created One so I Could. - The full details and story of how I became a full time travel blogger!